Indoor Plant Lights

Indoor Plant Lights-  The EASY way!!!

For those of you who want a one-stop-shop purchase, then buying an all-in-one light set-up is the way to go.  These grow lights are “showy” and add a “green dimension” to your living space.

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==> For those of you are handy, skip the easy way and build your own units, scroll down further!

Compact Kitchen Tabletop Grow Light, SunLite174 Indoor Light Garden 2 T5 BulbCompact KitchenTabletop Grow Light, SunLite174 Indoor Light Garden 2 T5 Bulb

Perfect for your own kitchen garden.  Grow herbs and greens right at your fingertips for your culinary delight!

Compact designs allow you to squeeze this right on your counter top.

Amaze your friends and family at your new founded gardening skills!

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Compact 2 Shelf Indoor Plant Fluorescent LightIndoor Grow Light Stand Compact 2 Shelf SunLite Light Garden

Perfect as a stand alone unit.  Small enough to put at the end a counter in the kitchen.  Large enough to all you to grow your herbs and greens for a family.

This unit is particularly nice in that it is on wheels.  Need more space in the kitchen during your party, just move it to another room.

You can even click here and further your search for an even larger 3-tier unit.  The 3-tier unit allows you to grow all your kitchen veggies along with your everyday house plants.

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4 ft. fluorescent shop light my reviewIndoor Plant Lights-  (DIY) Do-It-Yourself Crowd!

For those of you who are handy, you can save a little money if you build your own units.  Usually people who are building their own units will hang the fluorescent lights from the rafters in the basement or build a wooden shelving unit to hold several shop lights.

My shelving unit is a 3-tier unit built out of 2 x 3’s and 1/2″ plywood.  There is a shelf at the very top to put extra planting boxes, etc.

Each shelf consists of two 4′ 4-T8-fluorescent bulbs from Amazon.  A single shop light has enough room for two flats worth of seedlings.  By having two shelves next to each other, I’m able to put 4 flats of seedlings per shelf.

All lights are adjustable as needed.  Begin by placing your lights directly over your seeds/ seedlings.  As they grow, keep them no more than a couple inches above the plants for optimum growth.  As you can see in the picture some seedlings are tall than the others, that is is why lights are lopsided.

The T8 bulbs come as either cool white or soft white.  I prefer the cool white as they light up the room.  The soft light put out a creamy white light.  The plants grow well with either type of bulb.

Brussels Sprouts Beet Seedlings Indoor shop lights my review

The top shelf contains beet seedlings, hwich are a bit overgrown.  The bottom shelf contains brussels sprouts.  These are my “Fall” crops.

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Seville Classics 5-Tier UltraZinc NSF Steel Wire Shelving /w Wheels, 24" D x 60" W x 72" HAnother option is to purchase your shop lights and then just purchase a nice shelving unit.  Make sure your lights will fit within the dimensions of the unit!  If you get 4′ shop lights, then get a 5′ shelf.  This way you’ll have enough room for your light, cords, etc.

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ithonia Lighting 1242ZG RE 2-Light T8 Strip Fluorescent All Season Shop Light, 4-FeetWant a simple light set-up for just a few seedlings or plants. Then look for a small light set-up with 2 bulbs. These can easily be hung from the ceiling or basement rafters.

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Don’t forget the timer!

Indoor plants typically require 16-18 hours of light.  However, I’ve found that the seedlings do well with only 12 hours of light.

Find a timer that works best for you.  Usually you need a time that can handle three prongs.

GE 24-Hour Plug-In Heavy Duty Indoor Timer, White, 15075==>  Click here for my favorite timer


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