Organic Broccoli Micro-greens

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Growing Organic Broccoli Micro-greens

Chinese Food container & organic broccoli seedsGrowing an indoor garden is a snap.  Just order your favorite micro-green seeds.  For this blog, I’ll be explaining how to grow broccoli micro-greens.  I purchased the organic broccoli blend sprouting seeds from High Mowing Seeds.

High Mowing Seeds only offers broccoli sprouting seeds, so that is what I purchased.  Many other seed suppliers will also have what they call “micro-green” seeds.  Depending on the variety and type of seed, sometimes one or the other will be cheaper.  I try to get the best price when possible.

Sealed Chinese Food container planted with organic broccoli seedsFor this experiment, I am using a Chinese food take-out container.  The container was cleaned in the dishwasher prior to use and then rinsed to remove any soap residue.  Wet your soil, so that it is damp but not dripping wet.  Add about ½” of soil to the bottom of the container.  Spread the soil out evenly.  Wet the soil just a little bit to help the seeds stick to the surface. 

Organic Broccoli seedlingsThen gently tap seeds and spread them throughout the surface of the soil.  Try to cover the soil with seeds, but not too dense.  You definitely want to see soil in addition to the seeds (see picture above).

If you put too many seeds down, your seeds will have trouble growing.  Spray the seeds with some water and add the lid.  The lid to this type of container is fairly tight, which provides a “greenhouse” type of environment for the seeds.

Broccoli seedlings reaching for lightPlace your container under the fluorescent grow lights initially.  In a few days, you will observe the seeds germinating.  After another day or two you’ll observe little green plants with the first two leaves showing (the cotyledons).  As the days go by your seedlings will continue to stretch out to reach the lights.

Be sure to allow 2-4 inches between the grow lights and your container.  This is one instance when you actually want leggy plants.  In about 1 week, you will begin to observe the first true leaf which will resemble the plant of interest.  Once you observe this leaf, your micro-greens are ready for harvesting.

Organic Broccoli Micro-greensMy greens are about 5 days old so far.