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Types of Seeds

Open pollinated/ Heirloom Sees/ GMO Free Seeds

Open pollinated seeds are “true-to-type”.  This means that if you save seeds from the fruit of this plant, any new plants will have the same characteristics as the parent plant.

Open pollinated seeds are pollinated by natural mechanisms such as environmental effects (wind, etc.) and animals (bird, insects, etc.).  Open pollinated seeds (OP) conserve genetic diversity and often contain higher levels of nutrients vs. hybrid seeds.

Hybrid Seeds

Hybrid seeds (F1 generation) are NOT “true-to-type” and have two different parents.  When you save seeds from the fruit of these plants (F2 generation), the resulting plants will have characteristics of one parent or the other, but not both.

Hybrids are produced by controlled pollination through crossbreeding programs, which are natural plant breeding programs performed by people.  Do not confuse Hybrid seed with GMO’s.   Hybrids are plants produced through intervention of the natural order of pollination, where GMO’s (genetically modified organisms) are created unnaturally in a laboratory environment.

Hybrids are unique in that the result is Hybrid Vigor (heterosis), which is an increase in stature and fertility of the offspring.  In other words, you are getting the best characteristics of both plants, some of which include increased size and improved flavor.

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