Best Shoe Grippers for Ice and Snow

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Who has the winter blues?  Fix ’em with a few Ice Screws!!!

Awh don’t kid me.   I know there are those die-hard gardeners roaming around their garden trying to pick up what ever isn’t frozen solid and put it away in the garage or shed.  Or perhaps you’re like me and continuously adding wood ashes or chicken manure/bedding to your raised beds.STABILicers Ice and Snow Shoe Grippers

WAIT! ……. seriously, how many times have you fallen on the ice and are too embarrassed to admit it?!?

I moved up to New England and must have taken spills on the ice at least 2-3 times for the last 6 years.  That’s when I searched and found the best pair of ice grippers ever!  Toss those stretch-on plastic shoe grippers with that cheesy little wire coil. Those things are terrible, and you slip on the ice!

STABILicers Ice and Snow Shoe GrippersThese ice grippers are amazing and solidly made.  I put them on as soon as the ground freezes, and then don’t take them off my boots until things thaw.

I’ve fallen on my backside more than enough to not do that anymore.  My driveway has quite an angle to it and always becomes a slanted ice rink when the snow melts and freezes.  As you can imagine, I’m unable to walk on the driveway without it being sanded or wearing my STABILicers!!!

STABILicers Ice and Snow Shoe GrippersThe STABILicers start out with a solid plastic base with little bumps on the bottom.   Screwed into these bumps are literally lots of screws, leaving the screw head showing.  That’s the trick; the screwhead is the stabilizing part that “grips” the ice effortlessly!  I can easily walk on slanted ice or even flat ice without fear of falling.

And… yes, I’ve done this over and over again as I take water out to the chickens in their shed, which is quite a way from the house, in the middle of the night after work.  Of course, I take my phone with me for safety, but I feel confident that I won’t fall on the ice during the evening during the temperature lows.

STABILicers Ice and Snow Shoe GrippersThe STABILicers are stabilized by velcro straps.  Just adjust them to your shoe/boot size and then secure them.  Once secured you’re all set until spring.  That’s it.  That’s all you have to do.  My pair are three years old and I’ve yet to replace a screw due to damaging the head.  YES… that’s right…….even if you damage the “stabilizing part” you can literally just pop in a new screw and you’re good to go!

Traction Ice Cleats Screw ReplacementsTry these out.  They’re not only great for you, but make sure to get a pair for your aging parents or grandparents.  One fall could result in a fractured hip.  Be careful out there!